Spike Jonze’s Short Film ‘I’m Here’

Andrew Garfield

‘I’m Here – A Love story in an ablsolut world’

Check out this short scifi-romance film from director Spike Jonze where he explores similar themes to his 2013 feature film ‘Her’ which won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Starring Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillroy.

The film is a love story between two robots in a world in which their kind and humans coexist. The idea behind these robots, according to the filmmakers, is that they represent the working class; bus drivers, clerks, and labourers. The robots have just been added to society and Andrew Garfield’s character is one that is on the fringes of society, he works, he exists, he goes back to his empty flat and charges his internal batteries, but he rarely lives.

Spike Jonze 'I'm Here'

You can also watch this great behind the scene’s footage of how Spike Jonze made the futuristic romance.

Written by Will Harper


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